What is a free inventory management app?
A free inventory management app is free software designed to help small businesses track and manage inventory. It can be run on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Free inventory management apps help run a business efficiently. Inventory information is always at your fingertips.

A free inventory management app! What is it?
A free inventory management app is essentially software used to track inventory in a small business that cannot or will not yet pay for paid inventory management software. A small business constantly has their hands full with multiple tasks- order management, inventory management, employee management, finance. A simple inventory solution can clean up a business owner’s workday.

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An app-based inventory tool not only helps organise inventory, but also streamlines order management by tracking customer orders and supply chain logistics. Inventory management systems can calculate our costs and recommend optimal menu prices. Some free inventory management software gives low stock warnings before inventory items run out. Integrated with a restaurant or bar business’ point-of-sale (POS) system, multiple staff members can access inventory data across multiple functions so they can make informed and immediate decisions for the bar. For ease of use, the mobile inventory software app is available on IOS and Android platforms.
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A free inventory management app is good for small businesses
An inventory management app is software that helps small businesses with their inventory management by making inventory information up-to-date and easily accessible at all times. What makes the free inventory management system ideal for a small business?

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By moving inventory control to an app, the best free inventory management solutions reduce the manual labour required to keep inventory. A small business looking to cut costs will save a lot from reduced staff costs. The tedium of manual stocktaking, not to mention the high risk of human error, can lead to staff burnout and possibly even resignation. It’s not just the bar owner who then has to worry, but also the time and effort spent retraining new recruits.
Most inventory management solutions are cloud-based and provide real-time data on inventory levels so that multiple users can easily access it across multiple devices.
The right inventory management app reduces the scope of inventory tracking errors. Supported by barcode scanning and Bluetooth weighing system, accurate inventory data is recorded on a mobile device.
Free inventory management software eliminates waste in order management. It processes inventory numbers to locate stock and slow moving products. This helps a bar manager to check inventory performance and change orders accordingly.
It is integrated into
integrated with a small business’s order fulfilment and point of sale, helping to track order history and manage finances.
With these management features of free inventory software, managing inventory across multiple locations is made infinitely easier.

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Inventory management in a bar: The

bar inventory can be divided into several sections for better inventory management, e.g.

Bar managers and bartending servers usually take care of bar inventory management.

There are over 415,000 bar managers and bartenders in the United States and over 50% of them are women.
Don’t let the tedium of inventory control weigh you down.

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Let a free inventory management app do the heavy lifting. We’ve lined up 5 for you.

Top 5 free inventory management apps of 2022- No 1 Zoho Inventory.
Zoho Inventory software is one of the most popular and widely used free inventory management software in the United States. Zoho Inventory’s key features include support for up to two users in its mobile app, but unlimited inventory stores in its inventory tracking system. Zoho Inventory’s

Zoho Inventory mobile app is one of the best apps for inventory management and the free version supports both order fulfilment and integration with a company’s POS system. The mobile app also has paid subscriptions that offer an upgrade to basic inventory features at a cost of $79 per month.

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Odoo- Free inventory management app #2.
Odoo inventory management software is also one of the best inventory management solutions currently available. It supports unlimited users across multiple locations. Odoo’s inventory control software provides alerts when stock is running low and integrates with distribution and supply chain systems to enable better inventory control.
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InFlow On-Premise- Free inventory management app #3.
The InFlow On-Premise app is a free inventory management software that allows a small business to efficiently track inventory, orders and order fulfilment. The free mobile inventory app works with a small business’s barcode scanning system. You can also use it to track the cost of each inventory item. It also archives historical data on inventory levels and sales and orders in the supply chain and generates analytical reports based on the data.

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Reduce costs

Inventory management is a chore you don’t want to do.

A free inventory management app does this willingly and well. Do you already have one?

Square Inventory- Free inventory management app #3.
Square Inventory Software is a user-friendly management solution that supports unlimited users across multiple locations in an organisation. Square software is also available as a mobile app on iOS Android phones. However, the inventory management app does not support the barcode scanner or barcode scanning system. The free version provides basic inventory solutions and management features needed by a small business, while paid plans start at $60 per month.

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Boxstorm- Free Inventory Management App No. 5
The Boxstorm Forever Free inventory management system is a cloud-based app that can be used on any mobile device. It allows free access for up to five users. The management software can be integrated with the popular QuickBooks Online accounting software to seamlessly manage sales and orders. The Boxstorm app can also be set up for text and email alerts when stock levels are low.